Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Winter affair

I went to the secret apartment many a time that Winter.
Always warm,but musty.
An old smell mixed with washing powder,perfume,damp and cigarettes.
The most comfortable bed i've ever slept in.
And the sex was good but never a chance of love because you were a friends Ex.
And i felt that meloncholy every morning.
Getting dressed
That bedroom ached of it.
you knew that i would never be yours but we still went at each other deranged sometimes.
The detachment making it easier.
I fucking hammered you.
your saliva sweet,cunt tight.
I wasn't supposed to be there.
we were doing it in secret,
selfish maybe for i guessed you were in love with me but pretended not to notice.
Your body,
especially those bee sting tits,
for that Winter,
they were all that mattered.


Fuckin slut teen,
Long gone your innocence and my morality.
And i'm destroyed.
Destroyed by your painted toes,
by your puppy fat plump titties,
by your teddy bear porn pink cunt,
by your asthma pump.
And there you lay.
Hampster face,
And i'm destroyed again.
Destroyed again a million times.