Friday, 25 December 2015

Notes from the sex manual- how to make girls cum - Sluts, slags and whores.

First of all, if you commonly use these words then FUCK you.
Not girlfriend material because of her sexual past? FUCK YOU.
judge a woman because of her love of sex? FUCK YOU.
juDGE a woman because she is or has been a prostitute? FUCK YOU.
I don't know where to start here.Sexism is so fucking ingrained into the very fabric of our society we don't even realise we are being sexist when we are.
And at least 9 out of 10 of you guys (male and female) are complicit in this (probably without even realising).
How many times have I heard girls and guys referring to some girl as a whore. Ok. First up, give a shit. What if she actually is or has been a sex worker? She obviously has her reasons for being one. Let's exclude the obvious darker scenarios for a bit (drug addiction, people trafficking, poverty etc). Why shouldn't a woman do whatever the fuck she wants with her body? It's hers to do as she pleases. Oh I get it, she's spoiling herself for her future men. That's right. The men in her future who she hasn't even met yet are not going to be happy that she has sold her body for sex.
Because women don't actually have rights to their own bodies. Yup, men own them.
Slag, slut, whore. Dirty spoiled creature who dares to enjoy sex. God forbid she actually have a history of sexual partners be they boyfriends, one night stands or flings.
So what's the acceptable amount of partners for a women? The acceptable amount before she meets You. Her Mr Right.
Well obviously she should be a virgin no? Clean and innocent just as history dictates?
For you to have your wicked way, make her suck your dick and train her to be the filthy anal loving whore that she should be- just not a real one right?
You save these for Amsterdam yeah? Or stag doos?
If a woman has sold her body in the past for whatever reason, that's her business and you have NO right to judge her on it.
Do heterosexual male prostitutes get the same bullshit? Looked down upon? Haha nope, quite the opposite. They are the giggalos, the players, the dashing escorts, the studs. Near mythical beasts. Gay prostitutes on the other hand, the rentboys are seen in the same squalid light as the typical prostitute. Somehow vile, bottom feeders, to be looked down upon.
So sex and how it should be is definitely a heterosexual male thing. and we shall decide how it's dictated.
Every time you hear the word slut, every time you hear the word whore, in the papers, on the big screen you are witnessing blatant sexism and misogyny. Calling up a woman on the amount of sexual partners she has is blatant sexism bordering on misogyny. Looking down your nose on a sex worker is just pain hateful.
Basically it's like this, if a lady loves cock, then yippee! Straight girls were build for cock just like straight boy are built for vaginas! It's what we kinda evolved for! If guys can go round fucking everything that moves then so can the girls. Our crazed man jealousy (which admit it, we all suffer from when we start dating someone new) is a combination of nature and nurture - our posessive ape like genes and misogynistic indoctrination.

Friday, 22 May 2015

How to ruin your day

Step 1. Begin peaceful.
Avoid all media.
TV, newspapers, radio.
Sit with commuters.
Read nice book.
Let all the stress and depression
roll over your head.
Keep reading your book.
Stop glancing at papers.
Stop trying to catch that headline.
Ignore it.
Once everyone clears out at Victoria,
do not, i repeat do not pick up newspaper.
Too late.
Your day is ruined.

Strength and love and a thick skin.

I saw a family on the underground.
Smiling and happy,
Reading the classics, chatting and laughing
like any bank holiday.
Lift my soul Muslim family.
I'm sorry that the Western world hates you.
I'm sorry that the papers hate you.
But you've brought joy to my heart
to see you smiling amidst such
adversity on England's streets

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Girlfriend is a lunatic- Wonk unit lyrics

Mez on the drums
I think my girlfriend is a lunatic.When will she turn violent i don't know.Backstabbing and biting, ever so frightening.I just hope the bluises do not show.
I don't care if i'm in your top 8, number 1 in your list.I don't care if you're constantly late, be my guest take the piss.
Coz i don't care about you,it finished long ago.I'm just there for the ride and your dirty videos.You pushed me away, started pinching my face.Just keep sending na na
My girl's got lungs on her like a banshee.Keeps the neighbourhood awake at night.Screams at every opportunity at me i think i need my head examined alright.
I don't care if i'm in your top 8, number 1 in your list.I don't care if you're constantly late, be my guest take the piss.
Coz i don't care about you,it finished long ago.I'm just there for the
Ride me harder, faster, baby.Give it like a porn star,give it like a porn star.Don't call me scarface.
she was my ultimate fantasy, making my dreams a reality, sending me footage of her booty, shared with my mates and now legendary, you're famous….

Mistake- Wonk unit lyrics

You're a mistake, already and i hate you for leading me this way astray from my safety zone.I've lost my home, answer your phone, i aint got no place to go.You fucking bitch. Wah!
You're a mistake, a spoilt fucked up rich kid, bullying and wicked, slippery so slidey sometimes.I know never felt so low, i've thrown so much away, you reap what you sow and don't i know it!
Be selfish and die.These pains in my chest are real.I've known by pain.Feel my pain, feel my pain.

Kathy - Wonk unit lyrics

I woke up to the fact that you fucked me around all those years ago.
Miss fuckin student, jeweller, walk all over the this young buck in love.
Would of done anything, everything's wonderful even your diseases, warts and all, the humiliation at Turnpike Lane.You know what i mean.Power trip so in control.what was i? Your wanking boy? Out of reach you liked to tease me.Kathy
Little Miss liberal, daddy in politics so fix me.I sometimes wonder if you're still alive.
Wow wow Kathy…
do you remember me, carrot to your donkey.To be near you but not close enough.I thought i was tough.Actually i was, and you weren't so grown up….

Nina Simone- Wonk unit lyrics

pleased to meet you.I think it was on Christmas eve. So very pleased to meet you.
Making love to Nina Simone, she sings my favourite song now i've got you all alone
I'm flying high on the scent of the party. you're my angel
When we're done, go put the kettle on.Pass me my cigarettes i'm tired and i need a rest ,sweet dream to you my angel, you're my angel….
I'm flying high on the scent of the party.yeah you're my angel. Angel, so important you became.There for me everyday and i threw it in your face.
MAking love to Nina Simone, she sings my favourite song….

She was good- Wonk unit lyrics

She was good.

today i'll write a good one about ya, she was good she was good
Today ok i do kinda love ya, she was good, she was good today.
We argue all the time and that can't be right but then you take your clothes off and i'll repent all night. Oh my god, you're unbelievable.A pure work of genius on someone so small.
It's kind of shallow but that's all we've got.She was good, she was good.
I like marshmallows and i think you're hot.She was good,she was good today.
Bubblegum up ya bum, let's me honest here.Juvenile relationships it's not that time of year.
if you've got it you gotta flaunt it to the grave.Caught hook, line and sinker all the way.Your unbelievable.
The day i wrote this song,let's hope today will be a good one

All of you - Wonk Unit lyrics

No one to share my bed this holiday
unfinished relationship run away
What is my problem i can't get closure.Who am i scared of hurting? Me or her?
All of you,at the end of the day i will be here.All of you.At the end of the day you will be there.
I'm confused, i love you all.I need you here to tell me that i'm cool.Who needs a mirror when you're around.Massage my ego make my world go round.
All of you,at the end of the day i will be here.All of you.At the end of the day you will be there.
Don't give up on me,all of you,pull up a seat,listen to my tunes,listen to my tunes.One might be about you.My girl….
I need to learn to let you go.All that happens is is that our friendship grows.Chain of events,fall in love again.Opening a can of worms full of pain.

Estate Girl- Wonk unit lyrics

You wanna get sexual aha...
I've messed up plain and simple, choose wisely who you fuck.
Join the club, go on and spice it up.
So anger do your piece,fill me with bile it's easy.
Is it possible i left some part of me with you.
We used to screw for hours, my girl from the concrete towers who could read my lips, well suck on the Mighty Cougars..
Losing a piece of my soul,screwing a 19 year old,slapping ,rattling your bones, feeling uncomfortable.
Normality? A little titbit morsel maybe?Reality spot on the dime god bless ya.
So slap,bang,spank and belt, yet it felt so good just like i told you it would.Just like i told you it would.
We used to screw for hours, my girl from the concrete towers that could read my lips, well suck on the Mighty Cougars..
Losing a piece of my soul,screwing a 19 year old,slapping ,rattling your bones, feeling uncomfortable.
Losing a piece of my soul to an estate girl, i'm in a state girl
Losing a piece of my soul to an estate girl, i'm in a state girl.
My nightmares have gone, what have you done.Who have i been hiding from? All these years i took the blame, now it's me giving the pain, now it's me giving the pain hallelujah. yeah….

Thief- Wonk Unit lyrics

I was a thief,was a loony but i tried.Now it keeps me awake at night.Standing alone on the outside.Standing alone on the outside.
I was a thief,indifferent to circumstance,now it scares the pants off me.Standing alone on the outside,Standing alone on the outside.
Take your pick,take a crate,grease my soul with gold intoxication.this is a song of repentance.Drowning in gold to remind me.
I was the train loony walking along with Super T,pissing on the seats,what a treat for the suits.
Now that i'm free i kill time watching friends die
Now that i'm free i kill time watching friends die
Now that i'm free i kill time
take your pick,take a crate,grease my soul with gold intoxication.this is a song of repentance.Drowning in gold
take your pick,take a crate,grease my soul with gold intoxication.I guess this is a story of repentance.Drowning in gold to remind me.

Anna - Wonk Unit lyrics

She was my friends younger sister
Anna, looks like a Russian princess
Oh the distress that you are causing me every time we meet.
Anna i wish i could work you out
quite literally as well.
Are you flirting with me coz i can never tell
you're so cool, stalling for more time to make up these words of affection
do i detect a change in direction of your love?
Am i fucking stupid?Wake up stop dreaming that we might get together and you'll fall in love with me, oh what a treat.
Notice my face, look, i've had a shave for you and i've purchased your favourite perfume and i'm wearing a splash or 2.
You're so cool.Stalling for more time to make up these words of affection.Do i detect and change in direction of your love so strong,stalling for more time,looking for inspiration, do i detect and change in direction of your love.Of your love.
Do i detect a swing on the lovomitor please please Anna.
We can paint and create away hours instead of this lonesome existence.It's time we got in to bed made love instead of this Anna.Make room for love in the afternoon.You have a choice you gotta choose.You gotta choice,you gotta choose me

Idiotic train Loony - Wonk unit lyrics

I'd like to apologize to you.I fell into your lap from a luggage rack.
I was drunk on the train and i wanted to sleep.
Oh what a prat.I'm cringing now i assure you that.
Sitting there minding your own business,thinking of the weekend,visiting your boyfriend,
not wanting to create a scene you smiled at me and said it was ok,it's not ok, it's not ok.
Please don't have a go,i watch they say i told you so.
Waiting for the blows of the office drunks ,the have a go heroes of commuter land.
Forgive me.Forgive this idiotic train loony.I'm sorry i aint messed up in ages.

St Lucian Holiday - wonk unit lyrics

I wanna fuck a black girl,wanna suck a black girl,wanna lick at black girl,stick my dick into a black girl.
You're my pornography, how about we take some pictures
and i'll show you something delicious.You're my pornography, how about we take some pictures?
Who's that delectable lady? Wonderful wonderful.
Naaaaaaaa na nahhhhh.You're my pornography, how about we take some pictures?
What would we do without this delicious abuse?
Sad girls, mad girls,bad girls,glad girls,exotic,erotic antibiotic, you're my pornography. how about we take some pictures ha ha ha woof woof etc…

My Nemesis - Wonk unit lyrics

My Nemesis

Change your name but you can't change what you are
My nemesis my hero
You're the only one who comes close
Yeah you're the only one who comes close.
You make me sweat, greatness can exist outside my head.
But i need you, if only to humiliate and tread on you.
It's nothing personal but i feel you're treading on my toes
It's nothing personal but i feel you're treading on my toes
oooh oooh
Rise again with all your mates coz this is my war.
Somethings i cannot face like who's the best coz now i'm not sure.
I'll worship you, give credit where credit's due.
I'll worship you, give credit where credit's due
My nemesis….

Lucy- Wonk unit lyrics

Perfect ass,perfect chest, perfect drinking partner,
we were lovers for a while, too bad that we're apart now.
Lucy is back with her boys….tonight
I miss your voice and mannerisms
I wish i still had you to listen
to my songs of failed relationships.
Hardest of hardcore filthy treat
punk as fuck for me.
we don't connect anymore and i feel melancholy
Lucy is back with her boys…Tonight
Yeah things went bad
now there's a Lucy shaped hole in me and i am sad
and i miss you
Liberation was so easy…Liberation's easy
When i was fucking you…Fuck you…..

Streets of Soho -Wonk unit lyrics

You kept us alive.
You fed us as we fried our brains,
Night'y, ever so slightly, but you weren't to know.
Gastronomic offerings, we couldn't afford to eat
So we nicked your morning sweeteners.
We fell on you like vultures,
desperate, depraved, colleagues probably afraid
but would gladly have denied our daily feed.
The irony, straight from a seedy Victoria bed
stinking of sex and guilt and musty sheets.
We lived like extravagant kings.
Lording it up in the glorious streets of Soho ho ho.
Monday to Friday, one massive party,
hundreds of pounds a night we stole.
Acid and booze, coke and sex and arguments
We lived like extravagant kings lording it up in the glorious streets of Soho,
hoho then back to work in Mayfair at the bottom,always late and broke, begging for scraps and smoking butts Hank Marvin,starving,laughing

Mr Recovery - Wonk Unit lyrics

Speak your mind, i won't mind, if you could read my mind
you'll see,by reading my mind i aint so happy no more
I smell booze in the room of my sleeping loved one
how can i complain?
I smell skunk on the clothes of my comatose girl
how can i complain?
Listen to me i'm Mr Recovery
Hark the herold angels sing
I'm Mr clean.
Mr incredibly nice, that shining night
Example to all human beings
I cannot read you,i cannot feel.
What exactly do you want,
keep your smiles to yourself
and speak my language,no more bullshit
Speak your mind,i'm going out of mine
Listen to me i'm Mr Recovery
I'm friends with the queen
I'm so very clean
Mr incredibly nice, that shining night
Example to all humans beings...

The Murderers Shoe- Wonk Unit lyrics


Sussed this one out with Mr Stephens,bout the murderers shoe.
Everyone's seen em, Mr Stephens.
Sussed this one out about my old mate Stu
down in the gutter with the murders shoe
usually huge, white not blue
So many murders,so many shoes
dirty great flippers, usually huge.
Police investigation i don't think so.
They're sorting out the clubs at closing time.
But i don't know where i got this information from,
too much acid for my childlike imagination
Left leg size 13, can you hear the screaming
It's a nightmare without dreaming Mr Stephens
Sussed this one out about my old mate Stu
down in the gutter with the murderers shoe
Usually huge,white not blue
Menacing .brooding,hot from the shooting but the cops don't suss the murderers shoe

Monday, 5 January 2015


and the ants are crawling around in my bollox


Don't push it,
just let em come natural
and let a few years of pain
flow from those fingertips like.
Don't push it.


I'll say it again
is like nothing you'll ever feel
from another drug.
When you get there again
finally and real.
And you know what all those religion wackjobs are going through
cept that i just believe in myself.
What a journey i live,
of mind and spirit.
i'm a broken wreck
and it's brilliant to be here again.


You're the sweetest drug dealer
i ever did meet.
And i know our time was short,
but you have given me,
you don't even know!
And in your innocence
of this situation.
you've actually saved me!
Thank you Brady.


Galloping posh dog.
On the pavement.
Highgate woods.
Racing the bus.
Please don't gallop
under us.
You are red with bits of grey.
Your lumber is old but i feel your puppy heart smashing your rib cage!
Jolly hockey sticks jogger,
over the fence,
Lost ya dog have ya?
Hockey sticks,
He's tailing your blue Sweaty Betties through the slats
and i feel his joy
at this yappy reunion.


You delicious beast!
The one we all ignore.
Hundreds, thousands of us every day
walk past your door
and we don't even know.
That you are wonderful!
You know the one,
just across the street from the exit.
You should try it.


Wow that was mental.
I fell right back there
didn't i.
I apologise for shouting at you.
Croissant man
but you must admit it,
you were taking the piss.
You cunt!
You fucking prick!
In front of the yummy mummies
of Muswell Hill.
Was it justified?
I think not,
But please just don't
beat me up.
I'm too weak at the moment
and those sweet almond delights of Sable Dor
are now closed to me forever.


This time and
A different ball game
and i'm not even sure how long i've really been sober.
Did i fall from the wagon,
on that aeroplane? No.
From Valium? I don't think so.
I know.
It was finding the Dromodol in my dad's cupboard
for my broken back,
His broken nerves.
THAT was when the wagon fell.
Mez's wedding.
Keef driving,Monkey up front,
eyes dilated amongst the boxes in the back of that van.
Horizontal again.
There i was
At peace with the world.
What an irony.
How cycles will repeat themselves.
That was the 28th September


My old haunts
seen from broken eyes.
Memories always sunlight.
Happiness even from horror
on this broken day.
Broken soul,and beauty everywhere seen.
The corruption that chemicals play on us.
And only from corruption do we really live to see,to feel
alive again.
But so broken.
I write for you today.
all this bullshit
a tragifest.


That safe place again.
You're crossing the street
by the Flowerpot.
Pink hair fuck up.
Honesty in every breath
From every pore
Kissing by the blue door.
Back of the bus.
First date,
acid wash,
hair scrunched back.
Just the hottest thing i'd ever seen.
Pink bikini,
Patio duvet,Summer hot.
Short cut,black bob hair at the window i look up.
Taxi cab wobble drunk,staggering heals
that have never let me down.
Too much today for this smashed up soul.
You are my safe place.