Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Flying Medallions diaries

I thought i'd start putting my memories of the Meds down.
Ramshackle as they come along like.
Maybe i'll get into it and something like a book'll appear.
I wanna write again about the end.
All the weird stuff that preceded events on the night of September the 10th 1995.
Ok,let's get spooky.

Our album,"We love everybody and everything's great".
This was of course kinda ironic.We hated everything.hahaha
The very first thing you hear is a sample of a car crash.
We used it as the intro to the tune "Boy racer".

Just before we travelled into mainland Europe,we joked about releasing a story to the music press that we had all died in a tour bus accident.
The plan was to return 6 months later,to rise from the dead.
We titled the press release the Second Cumin in reference to the stone roses forthcoming record.
How we all laughed at the spicey piss take.

Mr Stevens wrote the song lyrics,"I wanna be in a coma coz it's great".

Duggie had a tattoo of the Grim Reaper done on his arm.

We went over to do the Festival.
The tire blew out on a French motorway on the way home.
The bus hit the central reservation at 70 mph,flipped about a million times before coming to rest on it's roof.
Duggie and Mr Stevens were both thrown from the side windows as the Bus flipped out and rolled over and over.
Both suffered massive head injuries.
Mr Stevens got his wish of being in a coma,
Duggie met the Grim Reaper.

This shit changed my life.
Be careful what you wish for.
We courted controversy.
you live by the sword,you die by the sword.
These days i try to greet the day with a smile.
Love ya neighbours,
All that shit.
Believe in peace and love.

To Aoife

You are warm.
You do not disappoint.
You calm the storm in my gut.
The storm that rages in your absence.
I get lost in your kisses,
get lost in hot swoony breath.
Get lost in your freckles,blue eyes and sweat.
Taste and memories,
keeping me going,
on my toes,
Surviving on lust,
living off love ready to burst.
holding off,
holding back.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

In love

We came together.
And i realised how rare a treasure is that.
We fell and rested.
Our breathing rapid returning to calm.
That release,
that snap,that perfectly timed moment
before the world returns like freshly fired bricks.

Old man

Old man awake and confused.
The dreams on the tip of his tongue
disintegrate like the proud erections of youth.
Bearded mouth,
a barking camels baking pit
gulps week old stale water
followed by the disorientating stumble to vertical.
that dizzy dance to expel dehydrated orange fire.
Clinging to the banister coz
old knees need a while to function properly
with the youthful swagger one insists upon them.