Friday, 22 May 2015

How to ruin your day

Step 1. Begin peaceful.
Avoid all media.
TV, newspapers, radio.
Sit with commuters.
Read nice book.
Let all the stress and depression
roll over your head.
Keep reading your book.
Stop glancing at papers.
Stop trying to catch that headline.
Ignore it.
Once everyone clears out at Victoria,
do not, i repeat do not pick up newspaper.
Too late.
Your day is ruined.

Strength and love and a thick skin.

I saw a family on the underground.
Smiling and happy,
Reading the classics, chatting and laughing
like any bank holiday.
Lift my soul Muslim family.
I'm sorry that the Western world hates you.
I'm sorry that the papers hate you.
But you've brought joy to my heart
to see you smiling amidst such
adversity on England's streets