Thursday, 25 July 2013

More flummoxed than jealous

The lion meets with the greasy man
for coffee every morning on platform 4.
An unlikely match.
She golden glorious,
he greasy like a Parisian from the movies,
desperately in need of a haircut and general spruce.
Legs crossed seaweed dangle,
limp wristed,
oh so nonchalon in ya shiny grey,
and i am flummoxed!
The lion,bold as brass towers over the shabby cheap,shoes and suit.
And she hangs on his every word? Smitten?
For fucks sake have a wash mate!!
Ya killing me!


And then suddenly you are there.
Scent of cheap insecurity.
Where the marketing campaigns have worked
and now you're invading my senses with naffness.
I hate Linx.
Try washing instead.


Another plum born to plummy plums.
Fuck you plums.
I really do hate plums.