Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The origins of the name Wonk Unit

About 5 years ago,myself and original Wonk axe man Gavin "Mad Dog" Kinch were laying a crazy paving driveway.It was miserable,cold and wet,and then it started snowing on our sorry asses.And i looked over and said "Look at us,we're a right f**king Wonk Unit aint we!" "Wonk Unit" we exclaimed.What a great name for a band.So there you have it.A reference to the cold pathetic miserable and depressed.A description that sums us up perfectly in no way whatsoever.x

Friday, 10 February 2012


I wrote the lyrics for "Guts" about 2 weeks into sobriety in 1999.
Long time ago.
I was messed up.
Am still sober now though.

Disappointed,i hope you are
you should of called
i guess you had better things to do
with whom,i know
Getting angry
you can test me all you want
i used to play the chess game.
not anymore
now days i'm just colder
and i won't mess
what ya see is what you get
and i'm pissed with you.
no more insecurity
you can stoop as low as you wanna go
and i'll hate you
I'll despise you
and i'll worship you
you got my stomach in a grinder
just one postcard email or a phone call
i'm open honest fair
can you say the same things about yourself
don't hang around at the airport
you won't find me at the bar getting drunk
i'll be sleeping on my own
having nightmares i'm your yappy dog
lost with out an owner
where is my partner
you are my spring time

Monday, 6 February 2012

Pizza on Golden Hill lyrics requested by Tommy Gladding

i got in a taxi with promises of booty

B and 22 street San diego

i met you on your front porch

g string wearing ugg boots

i wanted to fuck you you said lets go

and i felt whole

i felt like an adult for the 1st time

i left you on that Saturday

crying on your door step

off to skate with tony Hawk and ride into the sunset

i offered you the chance to join me on that road trip

but you cut short the agony to end our relationship

i met you in a sweatshop free los angeles american aparrel store

i said i liked your hair and you liked mine and that i'd pick you up and 9 oclock

Off to los angeles into the arms of another

now 18 months on i kinda wish i hadn't bothered

i lost my heart

my soul

seduced corrupted

like Author Lee alone again

it's a struggle adjusting