Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I`m really angry today.

Ages ago,back in the mists of time and everything,some pigs and other authority figures go and nail up an innocent tradesman.

Chippy he was.

To make matters worse,geezer was the son of god.Now if i had been there,i`d ave stormed the gaff witha load of punk rock jew mates,got him down and bricked the citidel or whatever building they were oppressing the people from.

Thats the spirit Jesus,have a sip of me tea.We`ll have you back on ya feet in no time.

But what does he do?

Only goes and Steams up to heaven taking our sins with him.

Cause,me.Well i fall to my knees."Take me with ya Lord.I wanna play in the garden like in the Last Battle by C.S Lewis".

"No my son"he says"You gotta stay down on earth and gather the punks,prepare for war.It`s time to loose individuality for good".

There you go then.

The Lord has spoked.

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