Monday, 9 November 2009

The Gallery

Telling ya,
The best place in South London for flesh is the Gallery.
Up the top of Brixton Hill on the right.
A Portugese takeaway.
You can eat in too if you are super cool.
Oh my dayz.
So they have 4 marinades.
Herb,peri peri med and hot and Jedungo(banging heat African sauce)
For £3.50 you can get a star burger.
2 chicken breasts in a bun with a bit of lettuce,tomato and mayo.
Fuck cheese and bacon and all that fancy shit.
this is all you need when it comes to the best chicken sandwich you will ever eat.
I get it Jedungo coz i am a man but it don't fuck ya stomach up like Nandoes does.
This shit is smooth heat.
Even cooler,they give you a handfull of their home made crisps.They are warm.
the Bollox.
Back in the days of old when i actually had a few pence in my pocket,i would go crazy there.
Lamb fucking cutlets!!!!
4 of those bastards cooked with the good shit marinade in a foil container.
I can't bare it.
If you like flesh.
Go to the Gallery.
Them lamb cutlets are like 4 quid.
Their Chicken is the best.
Comes in a white foil bag.
A whole chicken is like £7.50.
It will be the best chicken you have ever eaten.
And Chorizo.A whole chorizo sausage,spliced like a rattlesnakes tail.
Man,you gotta chew that bastard.
Proper hard persons like myself aint afraid of scary sausages.
£2 fuckin 50.
You could easy feed you and ya love one indoors for a tenner.
And she'd be proper in awe of you coz now you is a hunter gatherer and you have just brung her the best feed she's had in time.
One last thing.
They sell the marinade.
Makes Nandoes look stupid.
Telling ya.

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