Sunday, 10 January 2010

Notes from the sex manual,The affair/cheating

We've all been there so if ya thinking about it,
let us make that mistake for ya.
It all boils back to the classic "grass is greener" scenario.
And it aint greener,it's shit.
it will be a world of pain.
But if ya just "gotta" cheat then at least be a man about it.
Rule 1,
Never tell.
Rule 1,
Deny everything.
Don't be a guilt ridden pussy and blab to your lovely wife.
why would you do that to Stephanie?
Why would you wanna hurt her?
To relief your own fuckin burden?
Pussy ole.
You weak fuckin cunt.
If ya gonna cheat,then do it responsibly.
Wear a fuckin hat and be prepared to take that guilty secret to the grave with you.
You gotta carry that weight because 9 times out of 10 you'll realise that you weren't in love with Darleen at the Echo and as soon as you spill your seed,you is gonna shit.
I have warned you.

This is a poem i once wrote about betrayal.

And then,
pearly white awkwardness,
utterly useless.
We'd planned such magnificent things.
Removed from fingers like stringy dirt,
dispatched without love onto the floor
where it lays with hastilly removed clothes
and phones on silent


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