Sunday, 21 March 2010


I see love everywhere tonight.
And god.
I see the black couple,
his head on her hair,
eyes closed.
Such peace on his plump lips,
her gaze to the window.
The white couple just there in front,
him reading documents.
She kisses his cheek.
Pure cheeky affection
and i am touched by all of this.
And tonight,
God stirs in me.
I give to the usual tube beggar.
His usual nasal skag whine now fills me with love for mankind.
Give what you can.
There's always someone worse off than you.
Put yourself in their shoes
A man is pretty desperate when he needs comfirmation that he shouldn't drink British rail issued bathroom cleaner left on the hand dryer.
That hard earned pound of yours will bring some respite.
Half an hour of Tennants sippings will make it slightly better for a little while.
What's a pound to you.

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