Wednesday, 7 April 2010

DJ Shades adventure?????

How fuckin wierd is that?
I just signed in and i became DJ Shades Adventure????
Who the fuck is DJ Shades Adventure??
There was his blog.
I could of wrote all kinds of shit.
But i didn't because i am silly.
I am regretting it now.
I could of well took the piss.
My old mate DJ Shades Adventure could suddenly have become well into shit like car stereos and Porsches.
And football.
And bumming.
I'm such a cock.
Why can i not get further than a few lines without bringing up the old football prejudices gay locker room rugger boy pack mentality wanker stuff.
Maybe coz people into sports where man is pitched against man,healthy competition encouraged and all that manly i'm a fucking idiot i'll wear the shirt and show my colours please accept me can i be part of your gang?what you looking at cunt,i'm a man stick a glass in your face stuff,
makes me sick.
Tonight anyway.
Usually i'll wear a Spurs shirt.
So there you have it.
there you have what?
I've forgotten what i was going to say.
I remember.
Who thought our stuff was secure eh?
If "Dj Goody two shoes whatever his name was" suddenly swaps identities with Cement you Cunt,
What the fuck?????
He'd be corrupting children by now.
Stay out of my fuckin blog.
you bastard.
Keep ya fucking Porsches and ya sports.
Yeah fuck off.

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