Saturday, 7 August 2010

Los Angeles lyrics

you never wanted one of my songs
go cheapen someone else
don't insult me
there can be only one.

They said it would'nt last
a sober alcoholic farce
they said i was too sensible for Candace
and her too drunk for Alex

Her too drunk for me.

And i know my music isn't cool enough for you
but i'd like to try the tight pants if you'll let me?
seduced me on a plane
fed me grapes and valium
and swapped stories of lovemaking in Paris
and it hurt alex

and it hurt me.


I went to Los Angeles
expecting to find someone else dancing in your boots
proving me wrong again
Los angeles
i bet my soul that you were like all of the other girls
proving me wrong again

lala lal lala ala la la la etc

We'll spend our lives together move to the country
buy a golden retriever and start a family
imaginary children,us on holidee
granny's moaning in the car whilst mum makes sandwichs

in Los angeles expecting to find someone else dancing in your boots

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