Monday, 6 February 2012

Pizza on Golden Hill lyrics requested by Tommy Gladding

i got in a taxi with promises of booty

B and 22 street San diego

i met you on your front porch

g string wearing ugg boots

i wanted to fuck you you said lets go

and i felt whole

i felt like an adult for the 1st time

i left you on that Saturday

crying on your door step

off to skate with tony Hawk and ride into the sunset

i offered you the chance to join me on that road trip

but you cut short the agony to end our relationship

i met you in a sweatshop free los angeles american aparrel store

i said i liked your hair and you liked mine and that i'd pick you up and 9 oclock

Off to los angeles into the arms of another

now 18 months on i kinda wish i hadn't bothered

i lost my heart

my soul

seduced corrupted

like Author Lee alone again

it's a struggle adjusting

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