Saturday, 28 February 2015

She was good- Wonk unit lyrics

She was good.

today i'll write a good one about ya, she was good she was good
Today ok i do kinda love ya, she was good, she was good today.
We argue all the time and that can't be right but then you take your clothes off and i'll repent all night. Oh my god, you're unbelievable.A pure work of genius on someone so small.
It's kind of shallow but that's all we've got.She was good, she was good.
I like marshmallows and i think you're hot.She was good,she was good today.
Bubblegum up ya bum, let's me honest here.Juvenile relationships it's not that time of year.
if you've got it you gotta flaunt it to the grave.Caught hook, line and sinker all the way.Your unbelievable.
The day i wrote this song,let's hope today will be a good one

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