Thursday, 15 March 2018

There's me - lyrics

I hope that i don't ever end up
With a drudging woman going to work on a bus
voice deep and boring hair highlighted
cheap business suit a naff old pink
and there's me basking in the waft of perfume
and there's me pussy whipped obedient
and there's me oh so sensible haircut
and there's me her junior by a decade
yes i'm bitter i didn't realise
did i once walk around with eyes
only for one lady kissing on the tube
public displays of affection
and there's me dropping ones guard i don't think so
and there's me defences miserably open
and there's me for bastards like me to write shit on
and there's me there's me
ba ba ba
absolute peace that one time read
on the early morning train
red skies followed the frost that the salt didn't get
and soon i'll be growling
and there's me spreading the shit on the walls
and there's me racing against time as usual
and there's me sad hopeless romantic
my name is Alex i am an alcoholic
There's me.....

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