Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sharon (The Flying Medallions)

You're a fuckin dirty old slag
You're disgusting dirty old slag
You're revolting dirty old slag
I hate you,you fucking slag

You're a fucking dirty old slag
Spotty faced bitch,golden handbag
Fishnet stockings,white high heals
Gin and tonic sleeping pills

You think you know the fucking lot
well i know your cunt is filled with grot.
Frizzy pubes covered in crud
what's that smell urgh cod

your face looks like a wild boar,
come on then boys let's beat the whore.
Don't feel guilty,don't feel shit
Trust me men,she's used to it.

Come on boys let's beat the whore,
kick her in the face,knock her through the door.
When she's bleeding,just don't stop
haha haha haha not.

Fish and chips,greasy kebabs
don't forget darling you're a dirty old slag.
Come to me for attention and shit,
fuck you bitch,suck my dick.

Coz you're a slag
and i'm glad
it aint sad
that you're a slag.

You're a fucking dirty old slag
if ya fuck the bitch things must be bad.
Go on Kevin give her one,
pick axe handle up the bum.

What is in that golden handbag?
Stinky old perfume ya dirty fat slag.
Little tart sucking uncles dick
but you don't care you just want prick.

All you tarts around the earth,
legs apart lying on the turf.
Don't look at us with anger and hate.
The Flying Medallions,think you're great.

Coz you're a slag
and i'm glad
it aint sad
that you're a slag

you're a fucking slag you fucking slag!

The good old 90's eh.
how the world has changed.
No one seemed to bat an eyelid with the lyrics above.
In fact,the song Sharon was on a split single with Green Day.
Looking back,these lyrics were fucking awful.Fuck me the PC brigade would of had a field day.

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