Sunday, 19 August 2012


So your girl has a "best friend"?
He happens to be a guy?
How very unfortunate for you.
Don't kid yourself,your instincts are correct.
He is in love with her.
I'm telling ya,unless he is an ex boyfriend and the relationship had run it's course,99 percent of the time this will be straight up truth.
He will eventually break and confess his love to her.
What's worse,she knows but will deny it till she's blue in the face coz she's a cunt.
You'll argue over this man every other week.
When his confession finally occurs,she'll be outraged,
she'll feel "so betrayed".
But your victorious "i told you so"will be short lived.
Your smug gloating smashed in it's face when in retaliation she tells you that she actually fucked the bastard a few months before you arrived on the scene.
Isn't that wonderful.
I weep just writing this.
Rule 1,
never trust her "best friend" if he is a man.
But these fuckers aint actually men though,
they shall be known as "sniffers".
Best tell them to fuck off early before they cause inevitable problems for you later on!

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