Sunday, 19 August 2012


Alcohol is fun.
It loosens the tongue and the knickers.
And the ass.
And the brain.
I loved alcohol so much that it totally fucking destroyed me.
But that is because i am an alcoholic.
Luckilly for you though,not everyone has it in them to be an alcoholic.
Phew! Where were we?
White wine.
Women's fighting juice.
I'm telling ya,Chicks and white wine don't mix.
Think of all those fights you've had.
Well the chances are that if drink has been drunk and fights have then been fought then the magic ingredient to really start the party'll be a nice chilled glass or bottle of chardonnay.
Why am i telling you about this?
Well my friends,getting laid and making girls cum has gotta start somewhere and this'll be the dating stage.
So when you are in Pizza Express and the tasty Italian waitress is taking the drinks order,beware the woman that orders the white.
She is mad.
And if she isn't now,she will be in half an hour.
Does make for a crazy fuck though but it'll be like walking the tightrope.
juggling her madness with your lust.
And a reminder,drunk girls take longer.
But then again,what do you care,
You've been knocking em back all night anyway.
I am just jealous.
Jealous of drunken sex and wild abandon.
I weep into my tepid water.
Not really,drunks are boring as fuck!

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