Thursday, 27 December 2012

Wonky the Dinosaur

Wonky was a dinosaur.
He was a T Rex.
He was green and he had 2 small arms which were only long enough to hold his willy if he needed to do a wee.
If he needed to make a rainbow,he used his tail to swish the rainbow clean away.
His tail was as long as his body and it had spikes on it.
He loved to swish his tail all over the place.
even when he wasn't swishing rainbows.
Wonky's mum and dad were also dinosaurs.His mum was pink and his dad was a moody blue colour.
This suited him greatly because he was also a very moody parent who didn't agree with Wonky's hobby which was skateboarding and drawing monsters.
Because Wonky's dad was an old dinosaur from a different age,he didn't understand skateboarding and drawing monsters.
All he understood was watching Monkey kick the coconut on television and other old fashioned games where dinosaurs where taught to challenge others in tests of strength like long distance stone throwing or who could breath fire the furthest.
Wonky didn't understand these games.
His father called them competitions
Wonky called them cobblers!
Everyone was good at different stuff.
Just because you couldn't run fast didn't make you a failure.
Just because he couldn't do fractions or maths didn't mean he couldn't do the raddest boneless ones on his skateboard.
Wonky knew that everyone has their own special thing that they are brilliant at,just that sometimes it takes a while to find it.
He knew that he was different from his friends but it didn't make him any better or worse than them.
Wonky's best friends were a seahorse called Bonjour and a wood pigeon called Puffin.Bonjour was a french seahorse who just happened to have a naughty streak in him.
Having a naughty streak in you didn't make you bad,it just meant that you sometimes struggled to do what you were told.Bonjour the naughty seahorse was like this.
His parents were bakers and when Bonjour was asked to help out in the shop,he'd always end up having sword fights when wonky came to visit with the stale french sticks that they didn't sell at the end of the day.
Bonjour would teach Wonky french words.
His favourite was Le Chat noir which mean the black cat.
Wonky liked this a lot because he was a Star Trek fan (so was his dad.At least they had that in common!) and Captain Kirk's real name was William Shatner with sounded a bit like chat Noir!
Star trek was a television program from the stone age about space monsters and flying saucers!It has Spooky space music to it that used to make Wonky hide behind the settee.
When ever he watched Star Trek,he always imagined a black cat as the captain of the space ship!
Puffin the wood pigeon didn't really say much but they all loved hanging out together.He would perch in a tree and call to his friends Coo coo coo
Coo coo
coo coo
One day,a group of rock n roll musicians heard his cooing and had him sing on one of their most famous songs.
they were called the Rolling Stones and the song is called "Sympathy for the devil".You can hear him cooing at the end.It's quite a famous bit!
Not many people knew that up until now.
go look it up if you don't believe me.
Wonky,Bonjour and Puffin are best friends.
On sunny days they love to go skateboarding!

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