Friday, 25 December 2015

Notes from the sex manual- how to make girls cum - Sluts, slags and whores.

First of all, if you commonly use these words then FUCK you.
Not girlfriend material because of her sexual past? FUCK YOU.
judge a woman because of her love of sex? FUCK YOU.
juDGE a woman because she is or has been a sex worker? FUCK YOU.
I don't know where to start here.Sexism is so fucking ingrained into the very fabric of our society we don't even realise we are being sexist when we are.
And at least 9 out of 10 of you guys (male and female) are complicit in this (probably without even realising).
How many times have I heard girls and guys referring to some girl as a whore. Ok. First up, give a shit. What if she actually is or has been a sex worker? She obviously has her reasons for being one. Let's exclude the obvious darker scenarios for a bit (drug addiction, people trafficking, poverty etc). Why shouldn't a woman do whatever the fuck she wants with her body? It's hers to do as she pleases. Oh I get it, she's spoiling herself for her future men. That's right. The men in her future who she hasn't even met yet are not going to be happy that she has sold her body for sex.
Because women don't actually have rights to their own bodies. Yup, men own them.
Slag, slut, whore. Dirty spoiled creature who dares to enjoy sex. God forbid she actually have a history of sexual partners be they boyfriends, one night stands or flings.
So what's the acceptable amount of partners for a women? The acceptable amount before she meets You. Her Mr Right.
Well obviously she should be a virgin no? Clean and innocent just as history dictates?
For you to have your wicked way, make her suck your dick and train her to be the filthy anal loving whore that she should be- just not a real one right?
You save these for Amsterdam yeah? Or stag doos?
If a woman has sold her body in the past for whatever reason, that's her business and you have NO right to judge her on it.
Do heterosexual male prostitutes get the same bullshit? Looked down upon? Haha nope, quite the opposite. They are the giggalos, the players, the dashing escorts, the studs. Near mythical beasts. Gay prostitutes on the other hand, the rentboys are seen in the same squalid light as the typical prostitute. Somehow vile, bottom feeders, to be looked down upon.
So sex and how it should be is definitely a heterosexual male thing. and we shall decide how it's dictated.
Every time you hear the word slut, every time you hear the word whore, in the papers, on the big screen you are witnessing blatant sexism and misogyny. Calling up a woman on the amount of sexual partners she has is blatant sexism bordering on misogyny. Looking down your nose on a sex worker is just pain hateful.
Basically it's like this, if a lady loves cock, then yippee! Straight girls were build for cock just like straight boy are built for vaginas! It's what we kinda evolved for! If guys can go round fucking everything that moves then so can the girls. Our crazed man jealousy (which admit it, we all suffer from when we start dating someone new) is a combination of nature and nurture - our posessive ape like genes and misogynistic indoctrination.

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