Sunday, 13 September 2009

The one the world wasn't meant to see.

She promised me the best fuck ever.
That pain in the ass that showed at all our shows.
She lied about her age.
I took it anyway.
She was 17.
I came in her mouth like none had come before
after fucking her livid purple cunt the like not of a lady so young.
And she was quiet after,
responding not to any pleasuring techniques i would administer.
Avoiding kisses from that spunk filled gullet,
the terrifying soul filled my mortified ears with stories of rape,
4 times this year by bad uncles and unions gone wrong.
The nieve teen,desperate for love at any price.
Placating her sob story,Keen not to be penned the 5th rapist,
I kissed that rotten spunky mouth all night and fucked her again in the morning.

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