Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wonk Unit

Yeah,we've Wonk unit.
We're like hella cool London cats.
Go to the party,guess who's already there?
That's right us.
We'll be the ones dancing on tables,
practicing eye smolders on other guests,
wearing the right jeans
and leaning against walls,smoking and looking just right in thaat West London cool way.
We have model girlfriends too.
Mine's called Nico.
she's a Russian model pretending to be a screwdriver.
The Python's involved with Tamara.She's from Sweden and is the owner of a car(very rich).
Mez dates Goota,a Slavacian oompa loompa.
Yeah that's right,we're cool.
We sing about cool things like laying on women and driving really fast cars around London.
Parking tickets?
Fuck you!
You'll catch us out most week nights at all the right places.
Weekends are for the weekend crowd and that aint cool.
That's zool.

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