Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Boy Racer lyrics by The Flying Medallions

In the seat of my brand new Escort
140 mile an hour she runs.
She can overtake Porsche's,drag race Ferrari's,
my only arch enemy is James Hunt that cunt.

Flames scorch my bonnet and wings
as furry dice keep me in style.
Blacked out windows,alloy wide wheels
drives all the pussy wild


But there's one thing that drives us on
in that impossible dream
John Travolta and Olivia
Burning down that drainage ditch stream

Me and my bird sit on leopard skin seats
Trevor and trace across the glass.
My back seat racers doing their thing
with their eyes and ears up their ass

Sainsburys carpark on a Saturday night
is where we like to pull.
Plenty of poony well educated stuff,
trouble is my car's too full.


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