Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Crusty lyrics by The Flying Medallions

When i look at you
it makes me wanna puke
scrawny bunch of slobs
dirty pack of dogs
smoke ya poxy joints
tripping out ya mind
lazy bunch of wasters
think you are headcases
middle class upbringing
safe secure background
always got ya way
end up in an ashtray

useless crusty we love you.

treat ya mum like shit
she don't give a shit
but i think ya wrong
but ya never wrong
influence the young
think ya really cool
wanna be like you
start to bunk off school

useless crusty we love you

you aint going nowhere
ya lives are full of shit
but you won't admit that
you're going down you fool.
I can't understand
the way you work your head
fuck you idiot
You're all dead.

useless crusty we love you
useless motherfuckin crusty beg off me and i'll stab your poodle
have a bath.


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