Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I have a codiene addiction.
Tis a bugger.
I developed my addiction to codiene through injury.
That old chestnut
the bad back.
Bane of my life
my lower lumber.
That hot dull ache
from buttocks to knee,
that shreeking lockjawed agony
when muscles lock in spasm.
So we need opiates
synthetic and real to release us.
Let's talk about Nurofen plus.
Our highstreet saviour,
the friend we trust.
The friend and royal pain in the ass.
Begins with an itch around 3 oclock
and mild flu by 6.
That tickle in the tummy that tells us someting aint quite right.
Looking up,never far from sight
our friend lays.
effervescent packets on the window sill.
Foil wrapped in maybe too many places.
Pockets and drawers,
under the bed
on the floor.
in tool bags and skate packs.
Amongst the guitar strings
but rarely with the other medicines.
they won't last that long.
Now 3 days in
and i'll continue to ignore
that tickle,
screaming at me from my belly.
So the cycle repeats.
Get through a week
and we join the blessed land of the normal again.
And we flush the couple pills we have left,
coz to be honest,
a couple aint really enough anyway.
Until the next time.
When the back is red raw
and we justify our trip to the chemist.
Regular painkillers just don't cut the mustard see.
Oh how we kid ourselves.

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