Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Moosehawk.A rough biog

Moosehawk formed pon a scaffold in Blackheath,South London,around 2005.
It was sunny.
I was pebble dashing.
So i got chatting to the site foreman about his spiraling drink problem and (being an ex alcoholic myself)the positive ways to combat it.
I make music i told him.It's like my release,my AA.
If you come up with some lyrics i'll form a band and write an album for you(not believing for a second that he would ever do this).
We finished our days work.
24 hours later a jubilant Ryan climbed the scaffold again armed with a sheaf of hand written lyrics,pretty much the entire Moosehawk album.
Shit! Hahahaha.
Calls were made that afternoon between mixes and by close of day amazingly had our line up.
But what to call ourselves?
We were definitely gonna be an Oi band and i kinda liked the name "Cuntin Skins".
Later that day however,talk turned to women and in particular a girl we both knew,and would we sleep with her!
"Urgh,not that Moosehawk!!"was Ryan's reply.
"Moosehawk?What the fuck's a Moosehawk?"
The gods had spoken,we had our name.
Rehearsals followed swiftly and the tunes came fast and furious,about three a session,consisting of unused riffs of mine and an anything goes attitude to songwriting.
I would put guitarist Crispin on the spot and tell him to play the first thing that came into his head.
Who cares if it was a ripped off riff.
Another song (Look at me now,it's The Phantom)was bass player Pwosion's tuning up routine.
I'd grab everything and cobble it all together with a shouty chorus,ready for the true genius of Moosehawk,Ryan and his beautiful words.
Innocent,truthful and kinda sad.Geezer lyrics.Brilliant.
We recorded as we wrote and had the album wrapped up within 3 months of forming.
Our first show was a near sell out at London's ULU.
Moosehawk went on to play a handful of other shows before Ryan nicked a tonne of money on the credit cards and did a bunk to Thailand.
A life as a career criminal followed with one of the most ingenious scams i have ever heard of.
Alas,i can't share it with you but rest assured it was of the noble variety and no one suffers because of it.

That pretty much sums up Moosehawk.
I'd like to dedicate this album to Moosehawk original Paul.
Paul joined us in those rehearsals.Drunk,dancing and very silly.
A melancholy soul forever battling the bottle.
Sadly like too many others,he didn't make it,dying in Thailand from an overdose of methodone sold to him for pain relief from a broken arm.
He was a good soul.

(The Moosehawk album will get a release one of these days in all it's straight up anthemic glory.Am stupidly proud of it)

THIS IS THE ALBUM!!! http://wonk-unit.bandcamp.com/album/the-amazing-adventures-of-moosehawk

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  1. I was the guy from the audience picked out by the magician at the ULU show!

    Pretty sure I saw them play before that though, in around 2003.