Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bad morning

The anxiety grumbles away at the bottom of my gut,
at the bass of my cock.
It needs no reason.
It reminds.
There is no respite.
Bells in the ear,
shreek of the steam whistle
pins and needles in face.
Breath god damn it breath.
Anxiety cuts deep
into your soul.
As deep as it wants to go.
Alcoholics anesthetize their horrors.
The stoner pushes his anxiety into the abyss towards schitzophrenia.
Anxiety rides a knife edge.
Anxiety share a home with denial.
Anxiety wears you down and hangs your friends.

Anxiety can be beaten.
Dispatched by the obvious that screams in everyone else's face but our own.
Quit the poison,
eat the food,
drink the water,
sleep the sleep,
move the muscles,
repeat this mantra.

you live in hell,
what's another week of pain to you anyway?

Worth a try i reckon.