Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where are thou tastey Pot Noodle?

Why'd ya take the salt out of Pot Noodles?
Now i just feel guilty for adding that 30 whatever percent back in?
You stupid cunts.
We don't eat that shit for health reasons.
Fuck you.
And as for Skips?
Balsa wood fuckin crisps more like.
We loved Skips.
they were delicious fizzle on your tongue prawn cocktail yum
and you wankers destroyed that.
8 percent of people are sensitive to salt.
Most of us have kidneys that deal with all the unwanted salt in our diets.
92 Percent of us have had our Skips and Pot Noodles raped because of you bastards!
Let junk food be junk food!
Let junk food live again!
Stop fucking nicking the salt!

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