Saturday, 30 June 2012

bakerloo line

I like the Bakerloo line.
It's good coz there isn't arm rests between the seats for wankers to spill over and make your forehead prickle with rage.
Yes i guess i am sensitive
but i really wouldn't dream that anyone actually likes to have a strangers arms squashing into your sides.
Dunno about you but it feels pretty intrusive to me.
You know the drill.
Keep your arms inside those arm rests.
They are not there for you to play "Captain of the fuckin ship"
They are there to separate, you fuckin spatially unaware fuckwit!

Surely if we were meant to put our arms on the rests there would be 2 rests between each seat!
I hate your fuckin arms.
I don't want to have to sit with my elbows forced into my stomach.

And then i got out at Finsbury Park and ten policemen descended upon me coz they thought i was a knife wielding Finsbury Park stabber!
Like 5 police cars across the road and everything!
How everyone looked at me from the other bus stop as if i was the Finsbury Park knife wielding stabber!
Luckily i'm not.
So they let me go.
And said "sorry,you know how it is"
I said "I do"
Hope they caught him.

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