Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Today is all about not going to skool.
I once went to skool
about 20 fucking years ago
and i hated every single miserable second of it.
I went to a boys skool
we wore maroon
and they made me do "sports"
I had to do rugby and athletics
once in rugby i scored 2 goals but check this,coz everyone in my spacker team was amazed that i was scoring goals,they all cheered and the bastard bearded rugby sports teacher dis allowed them.
He could not handle the fact that i scored against his golden boys team
and i only scored coz i was real cold and it was better to run than stand still.
And i remember standing in the showers guarding my teen manhood as the rugger games teachers ogled.
Why in gods earth would i like to shower with other men????
To this day i don't like pissing next to men at the urinals
i hate men
Men are ugly.
I like girls coz they are pretty and generally smell nice
they also make me feel good inside.
Oh yeah
so today is all about how rubbish my skool years were.
And thank the Baby in the sky that they are now a million glorious years behind me.


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