Tuesday, 6 September 2011

If you could have anyone

I have been

a dream fuck

once upon a time.

She came

from Cambridge and chose me

out of all the guys

she wrote about.

She had to think hard

i give you that.

It wasn't as if my face sprang to mind like lightening.

But then i was there

The one with the dodgy hair

from that band.

He looks like fun

and then i broke your heart

and drank your money

and ruined your studies.

Fucked you in front of class,

tits to the window.

Doggy as the wind chimes chimed.

And i lay there

feeling worshiped,

your dreads scratching against my flesh

as i received

such light

freshly shaved cunt kisses.

Dragon stout and skunk blazing.

The king in the single bed.

Grieving for the dead

loving the drama

totally confused.

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