Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Story of a labourer

I am a short man.I have a really iritating nasaly voice.I am slightly over weight.i have a chronic skin problem.Acne,well into my 30`s.
I bleed daily.My back looks like a pizza.My chest looks like a pizza.But my face could be discribed as handsome.
If I don`t open my mouth.Which stinks like an ashtray.As do my clothes.
I care about appearances.I like to think I scrub up quite well.
Pink shirt.blue jeans,Expensive Italian leather shoes(£20 from TK Max)
I wear gell in my hair.Wet look,spiked and cut by my depressed hairdresser girlfriend.
I have a big 8 inch cock.
I like to fuck hard.
I`ve always got a hard on.
I could get one now if I wanted.Smash em to bits I do.Smash em to bits.My jackie will limp for a day after I`ve had my way with her.
Like a fuckin rat I am.Smashing and gurning.Driving my pizza cock into her.
But I love Jackie.
I save the rough stuff for the others.
So many.Lost count years ago.Others,mothers,whores,bores,Chinks,blacks and pakis.
All the same to me.
Like last week.The blonde and the nip.
Saturday and Sundays screwing.
Walling home from the pub.Argument with the Mrs see.
This blonde asks for a light.
Well I`m fucking battered.Done £400 quid up my nose and down my gullet.Dad`s 400 boys actually.Hahah another fuckin cock up.So blondie gets her smoke and we get chatting and then she`s showing me her smashed front door.The Ex done it see.And then I`m inside and I gotta oblige the lady like the gent that I am.
And then it gets interesting.
See Geezer.He`s always telling me that what women really want is a good slapping in the sack.
Now `I`m a gentleman.I don`t believe you should ever raise your hand to a lady.
But matie fuckin slaps his girls all over the bedroom.Chokes em,straggles them,drags em round by the hair,takes his belt to em.
He`s always egging me on to try it.But that aint me.
And you`ll never guess what.
He`s only fuckin right!
Blondie wants my belt round her face,round her throat.
Fuck me.So I`m smashing her to bits.Choking her with my belt.
I`ve got it round her neck.Driving into her from behind.
Lovely tight little ass on her.These crazy gutteral noises coming from up from.Eyes bulging outa her head.
Fuckin slag.hahahaha.Slap that ass.
Anyway.Them choking noises were starting to sink home so I stopped let up.Didn`t wanna kill her.
Didn`t know where the fuck I was the next morning.
Woke to her in the shower.
At least she`s alive.hahahah.
Get me the fuck outa here.
Guess matie was right though.
All over me.
I must have been off my head.
Can`t find my boxers.
Woke without my Shirt on.Blood stains all over the bed from my poor skin.
What she must of thought.
That`s the rule.The shirt never comes off.

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