Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Did you know that half of the worlds drinking water comes from Tibet?
There's like a load of rivers coming down a load of mountains i guess.

Did you know that those naughty authorities in China dump all of their nuclear waste in Tibet?
They mix it in with the soil and say it is fertilizer????
So all that shit gets in the rivers and pollutes and fucks things up well bad.

Nice eh?
I just did a show for the Tibetan cause(not because i'm a freedon fighter or a good person but because i fancied an acoustic tickle this eve) and a nice man from the Green party got on stage and told us all lots of horrible things that are happening over there.

So when you next see a Tibetan monk down Sainburys,give him a high five and a knowing look and say,"I know about them Wankers running China,anything i can do to help?"
I'm not very good with politics.

I'm also rubbish at spelling and punctuation.

But we like them Monk people.

They are nice.

Just thought i would spread the word abit more like.

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