Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pig dogs on public transport.

What the fuck is all that about.I just got off the train.To 20 fuckin pigs givin me the eyeballs with their cute pig dogs sniffing me for illegal substances i guess?Aint that a little too much in a massive fuckin way?I thought with stop and search the cunts had to have some fuckin reason to pull ya aside?But this was just loads of stinking uniform and their pig animals hanging at the ticket barriers sniffing everyone???????I looked as shifty as possible just so i could take a pop at the filth but alas,fuck Fido was too chicken shit to stop this criminal desperado.Damn.So what i did yeah,i fuckin got my cock out and sprayed a good one all over the WPC's.Piss dripping off their navy swine bonnets.And then i wanked all over plod and fucked the canine animals with my limp cock.And everyone applauded.And i was lifted up high and i surfed the commuter packed train station.Naked.Writhing.And everyone kicked the fucking bacon to death.mmmmmmmmmmmmmSorry.I realised when i started this poxy blog entry that i did'nt have enough hate to get my point across.So i kinda lied at the end.About me pissing on people and naked crowd surfing.I like that V for Vendetta movie.With that well fit bird in it.I would of liked to have been like the V man.Well hard and with super human abilities.Then i would of saved this country from serious fuckin impending doom.IMPENDING DOOM.Sounds dramatic.But so are we.HardDramaticHandsome.mmmmmmmmm

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