Tuesday, 6 September 2011

All of my poems rolled into one!

"I saw her with her golden blonde flowing locks, and doth lay her down on the grass...the horse went galloping past in the wind..and i did her...well i aint picky!!"

How cool!!!
This was a comment some chick left on Facebook after our recent Bromley show.
I think it's brilliant.
Fuckin spot on.
I would just like to say Camilla that i love all women.I don't treat you lot as pieces of meat.I would never stick my cock into a piece of meat!!!!
That would be wrong and dead.
Like i like to fuck corpses????
Which is sick.
And if i do a bit of feline cat porn then so be it.
The cat shouldn't be on the bed yeah?
If mummy wants cat to watch then that's her sick prerogative.
Is that how you spell prerogative?

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